Dhooni Wale Dadaji


Khandwa is a place in Madhya Pradesh state of India, where hundreds of devotees come everyday to get darshan of Shree Dadaji’s samadhi.

Shree Dadaji Dhuniwale took samadhi in Khandwa in 1930. No one knows how Dadaji incarnated on this planet.

Dadaji incarnated in Saikheda, a village in Madhya Pradesh. He was first noticed by Shree Gaurishankar Maharaj. Later Gaurishankarji accepted him as his disciple and named as Madhav. To know more about Shree Dadaji please visit his sacred place – Khandwa.

DadaJi always sat before the holy fire (called “dhuni”) so remembered as “Dada Dhuniwale” ( Grandfather in Hindi called “Dada”). He is being worshipped as the incarnation of God Shiva. There are Dada darbars in Pimpalner, Pune, Aale phata, Kotha, Nasik, Apti, Satara, Dhule. Dhuni (The holy fire) has been continuously burning at the place since his time. His samadhi is located in the Khandwa city and about 3 KM south to the bus/railway stations.