Immediately after descending from Himalayas in the year 1962, because of Chinese invasion in Tibet, in particular, in Mount Kailash, His Holiness Brahmarishi Barfani Dadaji nestled in the midst of the beautiful Mekal Mountains and the Narmada, is the Barfani Yogashram. It is here that Himalayan Kayakalpi Saint ‘His Holiness’ Brahmarishi Shri Yogaraj Barfani Dadaji resided, now at present PP Dadaji mostly moves around Rajnandgaoan, MAhendipur Balaji, Vishakhapatnam Ashrams, like “Sadhu to Chalta Bhala”.

Legend is that, while meditating in the Himalayas, his body was covered with snow, however, he easily came out of snow with his rare powers, hence he is named ‘Barfani’. Another legend is that PP Barfani Dadaji once become student at “Siddha Gufa” at Himalayas, and every such student is known as “Barfani”.

PP Dadaji, as has been said earlier, has established number of Ashtrams but at present, he visits few of them like Ashrams at Ayodhya, Indore, Omkareshwar, Bhopal, Khairagarh, Rajnandgaon, Vishakhapatnam, Mahedipur Balaji, Nagpur.

Yogi Raj PP Barfani Dadaji was born in the Dodia Kheda Village on the banks of River Ganges in Uttar Pradesh, in a royal family. His father, having no issues, had married thrice. Finally, he became a disciple of Saint PP Gauri Shankarji Maharaj. The saint blessed two of his wives and told them that they should pledge the youngest of their to-be-born sons to a saintly sect. Both the wives had two sons each, of which PP Barfani Dadaji was the youngest. Hence at the age of 8 years, his father took him to PP Gauri Shankarji Maharaj and pledged him to the Saint. His Holiness PP Barfani Dadaji was known as Hari Dutt Dubey in his childhood. His father, Ram Dutt Dubey was a landlord of Dodia kheda, in the District of Unnav, Uttar Pradesh.

PP Sai Baba, PP Tajuddin Baba, ___________________ were also PP Dhuniwale Dadaji’s disciples at that point of time when PP Barfani Dadaji was with him. In those days, Saint PP Arjundasji Maharaj of Ayodhya was camping nearby, PP Dhuniwale Dadaji put PP Barfani DadaJi under Arjundasji Maharaj’s tutelage. PP Barfani Dadaji travelled all over India with the saint. He attained knowledge of Sanskrit, religion, philosophy, mathematics and ayurveda under the tutelage of Shri Kela Brahmachari of Varanasi. PP Barfani Dadaji become disciple of PP Dhuniwale Dadaji Maharaj.

He is said to have established number of ashrams all over the world including at Queta (Present in Baluchistan). It is said that PP Barfani Dadaji then left for the Himalayas for rigorous penance. In the Himalayas, he visited Nepal, Ranikhet, Pithoragarh, Tibet and Mansarovar and engaged himself in rigorous penance attaining rare powers like Kayakalp Vidya, etc.

He also learnt the secrets of meditation from the saint of Gyanganj, Paramhans Phuleri Babaji Maharaj. In year 1930, PP Barfani Dadaji relinquished his old body and attained a new one through Kayakalp Vidya and rejuvenated his physical body. PP Barfani Dadaji guided innumerable disciples for ultimate liberation. Shree Bimal Dey (at present residing in France) met PP Barfani Dadaji at Kailash, where he was known as Kailash Baba. Following the Chinese invasion in the year 1962, PP Barfani Dadaji left his Himalayan abode and settled down at Amarkantak Ashram. He chose Amarkantak because, it was an important pilgrimage centre, where innumerable pilgrims visited every year and where Lord Shiva himself makes his presence felt in the form of the Narmada River.

PP Barfani Dadaji Maharaj is said to have established about 1000 temples/ashrams all over world. Lastly, now he is establishing a great temple at Mahendipur Balaji in Rajasthan. He, by rigorous penance, pleased Lord Hanumanji Maharaj near Mahendipur Balaji before about a century and Lord Hanumanji Maharaj gave him Darshan in the form of Bal Hanuman (Child Hanuman) and therefore, he preferred Mahendipur Balaji for his present Ashram and Temple.

PP Dadaji, as has been said earlier, has established number of Ashtrams but at present, he visits few of them like Ashrams at Ayodhya, Indore, Omkareshwar, Bhopal, Khairagarh, Rajnandgaon, Vishakhapatnam, Mahedipur Balaji, Nagpur.

Of late, PP Dadaji has stopped giving spiritual discourses, however, he inspires disciples by sending intuitions for spiritual upliftment. PP Dadaji keeps distance with media as he understands that media has limited role to play in spiritual field. PP Barfani Dadaji is authentic Siddha Guru for “Sri Vidya”. PP Barfani Dadaji has stayed in this material world on the wish of Lord Hanumanji Maharaj and that too for spiritual upliftment and welfare of mankind, otherwise PP Barfani Dadaji is a liberated divine soul and therefore, he is not required anything to do for himself. Let us have benefit of PP Barfani Dadaji’s blessing for our spiritual upliftment.