The Great Kayakalpi Saint of the Activities

PP Barfani Dadaji always insist to carry on activities related to welfare of human. He has inspired thousands of people to serve society selflessly. At Indore ashram, PP Barfani Dadaji established Ayruvedic clinic, where patients are examined and free medicines are given to them. At Indore ashram, Goshala is also established. The premises of Indore ashram is regularly used by needy people for conducting marriages.

Goshala is insisted by PP Dadaji at every ashram.

At Rajnandgaon ashram, similar activities are carried out. A special hall like banquet hall is constructed and the same is used for various functions and purposes including marriages.

At Omkareshwar ashram, more or less similar activities are carried out.

Almost all ashrams have facility of staying accommodation for the disciples, Sadhus and visitors. In similar way, Bhandara activities are carried out on daily basis.

Some of the ashrams also feed students on special occasions or festivals.

PP Dadaji regularly celebrates Chaitri & Ashwin Navratris by conducting Shatchandi Havans for the welfare of mankind. On these occasions, on all 9 days, Bhandara activities are carried out.

There are 9 festivals which are regularly celebrated in a year.

1. Chaitri Navratri (Ordinarily at Rajnadgaon)

2. Guru Poornima (Ordinarily at Rajnandgaon)

3. Ashwin Navratri (Ordinarily at Vishkhapatnam)

4. PP Barfani Dadaji’s Avtaran Din (Ordinarily at Indore)

5. Hanumanji Maharaj Avtaran Din (Ordinarily at Ahmedabad)

6. Param Guruji Bhandara at Ayodhyaji.

7. Sakshatkar Din (Self-realization Day) at Mehandipur Balaji.

8. Dash Mahavidya Puja-Havan (Ordinarily at Rajnadgaon)

9. Narmada Avtaran Din (Ordinarily at Omkareshwar)

Disciples from all over the world come on the occasion of this festivals and have the benefits of the fruits of such festivals.